Liberalism Killing Rhode Island Town

This I borrowed from The Old Jarhead.  Hope he doesn’t mind, it was too good to pass up.

At the community center, the subsidized lunch for seniors is no longer being served. The pool has been drained. Health screenings have been cancelled. The locks to the building were changed last week, and not even the acting director is allowed inside. The public library has gone dark too, a sign on the door at the top of the stone steps telling patrons to return books elsewhere – indefinitely.

Central Falls, one ofNew England’s most distressed cities, is on the cusp of filing for bankruptcy protection – a relatively rare step for municipalities even in tough financial times. Since 1980, only about 46 cities or towns in the United States have sought such protection, according to James Spiotto, an attorney in Chicago who is an expert in municipal bankruptcies.

Last year, the state took over Central Falls – a city of 19,000 residents with an unadjusted unemployment rate of 15 percent – stripping the mayor of his keys to City Hall and the rest of his authority. That move came after every teacher was fired at the underperforming high school, with most of them rehired later. … The 1.3-square-mile city north of Providence, where 60 percent of the population is Hispanic, faces $80 million in unfunded pension and benefits obligations and an estimated $25 million in deficits over the next five years. Officials said it was hard hit by a loss in state aid and the fact that expected collections from the Wyatt Detention Facility never materialized. 

(Central Falls. RI is a small community just north of Providence. 20-25 years ago a few central Americans moved into town. Then a trickle. Then a flood. Some of the Central Americans were legal immigrants, most were not. With the influx of the massive population shift to Hispanics came cocaine and cocaine traffickers The legitimate community became compromised and eventually succumbed. The tax base to support the community fell precipitously.

Now Rhode Island is very blue collar. Many blue collar folks are union workers and union workers vote for Democrats. Democrats embrace illegal aliens. The consequence is that the community is now on life support and about to have the plug pulled. The education system collapsed because none of the children speak English. 

The standard joke amongst law enforcement in Massachusetts is that if you stopped anyone from central Falls you likely have a drug dealer of trafficker on your hands.

This is what is now occurring inMassachusetts. First the community of Holyoke, then Lawrence and Chelsea. All Hispanic. To make matters worse we now have large communities of Brazilians. Most illegal, most dependent on public assistance because they are unemployable, simply because they are illegal, have a criminal background or have unsuitable skills for the job market in Massachusetts

The malignancy is sweeping many parts of USA. The metastases are spreading everywhere. Think about it. We are losing our country to a foreign invasion without a shot fired. Who do we have to thank? Essentially the democrat party and democrats. Our previous presidents Bush 41 and 43 have blood on their hands as well. They rolled out the unrestrictive welcome mat twenty years ago. Come one, come all, no papers, no problem, they only want the jobs Americans don’t want. Well, that is not the only thing they want. They want everything that you have in your pockets as well. –TC)

Read companion article at here.


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