Power Plants To Be Closed By EPA Regulations

Obama promised that the cost of energy would necessarily skyrocket.  The EPA, in doing his bidding, is taking a giant step forward in reaching his goal.   As a side effect, he will be bankrupting the coal industry.  Why anyone in Pennsylvania and West Virginia would ever vote for him is beyond my comprehension.

One thought on “Power Plants To Be Closed By EPA Regulations

  1. Do you know how much pollution the coal industry produces? Each year coal-fire electricity releases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, small particles, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, uranium, ash, and heavy metals. Carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Sulfur dioxide is the major cause of acid rain and nitrogen oxide also causes acid rain. Acid rain damages land, plants, animals, water, and materials such as buildings. Small particles are a health risk and are very dangerous to those with lung problems and can create lung problems for those who are healthy. All of the things released from the coal industries burning of coal harms the environment worldwide, and also sets up the future generations with a polluted planet. I think that from an economic perspective it is horrible that the plants will be closed, but from an environmental perspective I would have to agree with the closing of these plants. I think the best solution to this would be to create renewable energy plants for the laid off workers to work in. Unfortunately, I do not think Obama will be doing this, but I believe it would be what is best.

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