Obama’s Accomplishments?

I read an article in the NYTimes about Obama’s “accomplishments” written by, you guessed it, an Obama liberal. If you can stomach it, read the article here. As a conservative and after reading the many supportive comments by the NYTimes’ liberal following, I felt obligated to be one of the few dissenting voices.

My Comment: Have to disagree with Kristof on many of his assertions. Not much of what Obama has done would suit even a RINO, let alone the Republican base. Even many of the Democrats are running from his far left agenda. Using the old mantra that Obama inherited a major economic problem is true. The only problem is that it was of the Democrats making with their promotion of sub-prime mortgages and \”everyone should own a home\” whether or not able to pay. In addition, the support that Frank and Dodd gave to Fannie and Freddie was almost criminal and then the two were put in charge of passing legislation to rein in the banking industry, but conveniently exempting Fannie and Freddie from the bill.

All Obama has done is to extend our joblessness and economic miseries through his failed stimulus and business bashing, along with his EPA regulations that have brought our capitalist system to its knees.

Four more years of this and the US will become a second rate nation on its way to becoming the next Greece.


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