Obama Admits He Is A Muslim Video – Hannity Pressured To Not Show It

According to Patriots for America, this is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!


20 thoughts on “Obama Admits He Is A Muslim Video – Hannity Pressured To Not Show It

  1. I just don’t care if he is —i am still supporting him. I think he is better than 99.9% of those idiots that call themselves christians.

    • I think you guys should do some research on al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and what the Quran says word for word. There is a War against America around the world. The Quran teaches that the 12th Imam will rise up against the Infidels and establish Islam to rule the World. …and Muslims must kill all infidels.

      Watch this documentary movie coming out by a non conservative makers and the History Channel about the imminent nuclear danger that is upon us.
      Its called “Countdown to Zero:

      Please do your research. The truth is out there

  2. Oh boy, away we go again.
    The big Republican boys are going to have to find another war so they can build all those weapons and give everybody job’s, forgetting the guys with the Sampan hat’s who whipped them, the guy’s with the turban’s and the sandal’s who are driving them out, the million’s in their prison’s (gotta build more prison’s, who get’s that contract)

  3. Whatever he is, he is more muslim than a christian.. I think his goal is to be everything for everybody.. black, white, muslim, christian, straight, lgbt.. having changing and selective “convictions” suitable for whichever arena he appears.. This brotha is praising all the other countries and at the same time his wife says during the national anthem: “all this because of a damn flag ?” and Obama just shrugged and kinda nodded.. what is that all about ?

  4. Bush got us into this mess and republicans will not work with Obama to get us out of it.What is wrong with these idiots that support republicans that continue to help better themselves at the cost of the rest of America?

    • People that call others idiots without the facts are themselves not so bright. This blame Bush syndrome is just one of Obama’s juvenile ploys to try to redirect responsibility. The breakdown in the economy was caused by two things, one the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, a program initiated by Democrats back in the Clinton era and supported and expanded by Democrats not Republicans. The Democrats also forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy these worthless pieces of paper thus relieving the banks of all responsibility to qualify the borrower. This transferred all risk to Fannie and Freddie and ultimately to the taxpayer. Yes, and many investment banks, most who were Obama campaign supporters, created investment packages that exascerbated the problem. When Bush tried to do something about it, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, both Democrats defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and refused to let the then Democrat Congress act to mitigate the damage it was doing to our economy. If you had any of the facts, you would be what you call a “republican idiot” too.

      P.S. Isn’t it strange that neither Fannie nor Freddie are included in the Dodd Frank bill supposedly passed by Democrats to prevent this from happening again and there was no attempt to stop the multi-million dollar bonus payments to the Fannie and Freddie executives, all who are Democrats?

      • the agenda to run down american economy has been going on behind the scenes for decades.. it is NOT a democrat or a republican thing.. do the research who is really running the show..

    • What is wrong with the idiot Democrats who watch the interview live then deny he ever said it? The Democrats have control of the Senate and Harry Reid has blocked every Republican supported bill. You all make me sick. You got what you voted for. A Communist who nationalized the banks and the auto industry. And I am proud to use my real name and not hide under pseudonyms.

  5. Doesn’t matter his religion here. This idiot has run our country into the ground!!!!! Unemployment has skyrocketed. All you libs can’t stick to the issues that matter! You want to cover up the truth. This unqualified communist leaning non-natural born “American” is trying to turn this country into a third-world country! The kind that despots take control of. He is doing a bang-up job of it. Just look at the unemployment numbers, the home foreclosures, the people on welfare instead of looking for work. Why? Because there are NO jobs being created or saved by this idiot’s policies. It looks like he is doing all this on PURPOSE. I say he IS!!!!!!! To destroy all the businesses so the government can have control of ALL the money!!!! People need to wake up!!!!

  6. The title of this post is not true. No where in this video did Obama say he is a muslim. In fact everything he said about Islam in this video is true. You may not appreciate that, but that doesn’t change the facts.

    Further several of the title segments in this video are not true either. For example at no point in the segment titled “Obama Declares America To Be A Muslim Nation” does he, in fact declare that America is a Muslim nation. He talks about the accomplisments of Islamic Americans and how the religion is accepted and has grown in America. Even if you don’t care for those facts that does not make them facts.

    In the segment titled Obama Sides With Islam, the segment title itself is misleading simply because the official policy of the United States is that we are not at war with Islam. That has been the stated policy of this nation since 9/11 and you can find many quotes by George Bush when he was President which echo what Obama said. You seem to think that both Bush and Obama side with Islam simply because it is not the stated goal of our nation to eradicate the religion. Good luck with that agenda, because I don’t think there is any Presidential candidate who would actually declare war on the entire religion. In fact you ought to appreciate that because such a policy would be antithetical to the constitution.

    Finally, I know there is nothing I could ever say to you that would change your mind. But I would encourage you to take a step back and just look at all this and try to not color this introspection with this unreasoned hatred for the man. Ask yourself if there is even one thing you can find that you agree with the President on? To be prefectly honest I think I probably felt much like you do about Obama regarding President Bush. But I got to the point where I realized I wasn’t going to change any minds with that vitriolic attitude. If people agreed with me they did, but if they didn’t I wasn’t going to convince them with my attitude. So I tried to find areas where I could appreciate Bush, and then make reasoned arguments against his policies, not from a perpsective of inveterate hatred but with a reasoned approach. It was much easier to discuss issues when I took that approach. Now maybe this doesn’t concern you in the least, but what is the point of just preaching to the choir on this? You won’t ever make any real difference if all you want to do is your little part magnify the right wing echo chamber. Maybe that’s what you are aiming for and if thats true, then good luck going forward.

    • I can’t believe that the above comment came from a sane American! You really watched the video?? I don’t think so! Obama is so-o-o Islamic oriented – every country he helped with “democratic” overthrow has gone radical Muslim; i.e., Egypt, Tunisa, Libya, etc. He’s an empty suit covering a sleeping Muslim!!

    • I think it is rather humorous that everyone attacks Ken. He makes a sane and credible argument, and even admits that his judgement of President Bush may have been unfair at times. But I guess that is what being reasonable will get you with people that believe that everything Obama says is a conspiracy to promote the Islamic faith.

      It is like the maker of this video thinks they have discovered the Davinci code in footage where Obama knows he is being filmed and speech writers have poured over his each and every word. Perhaps if you took the fifth (the number of times Muslims pray each day) letter of every fifth word in each of these speeches you would find that it spells “Allahu Akbar” or maybe something like “death to infidels”. Perhaps if you play it backwards he declares a jihad on the U.S. in Arabic.

      Even if Obama was Muslim, which is a stretch to say the least, I want to remind my fellow Americans of Article VI, paragraph 3 of our dear constitution which states:
      “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”
      Yup…turns out the founding fathers wanted to avoid a government that favored one religion over another (think Church of England). And they were more interested in getting government out of religion, as they knew it would be in our citizens best interest to keep those things separate and avoid having a government that tells you who and how you can worship.

      People are so paranoid about Obama turning our country into a Muslim state like Iran or Saudi Arabia, that it is creating something akin to it via a different religion. Personally, I like my religion unadulterated by my government and when Republicans return to their more Libertarian roots, I have faith they will feel the same way.

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