Vote for Newt on Super Tuesday


Super Tuesday could absolutely mean Life or Death to America as we know and love it.

We are not doing this because we are in love with Newt Gingrich.

We are not doing this because we believe Mitt Romney is evil.

Nor because we believe Rick Santorum is a liberal.

We are doing this because we believe that
Newt Gingrich is the ONLY way to BEAT BARACK OBAMA.

Life or Death? The media will run with Tuesday’s results declaring more fervently than ever who the Republican nominee is. Candidates will continue to campaign, but the media may be able to finally sway public perception beyond the point of no return.

The media has absolutely, falsely skewed this campaign by oft omitting reference to Newt Gingrich (why?). They created the fake impression that it is Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. And, now, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky… or Mitt (again).

And now, one of the most respected conservatives in America, George Will tells us to
GIVE UP – neither Mitt nor Rick will beat Obama.

We love Mr. Will, but he only has it half right.
He too omitted Newt Gingrich.
More importantly, he discounted YOU! The Real American! The Real American that knows:

If we Rally. If we wake up! If we wake our neighbors!
We will SHOCK everyone in the media – and create Barack Obama’s worst nightmare –
facing Newt Gingrich on the debate stage in front of a National Audience.



Nothing else matters. Nothing else is needed. The mask will fall from Obama – his liberal foolishness and incredible failings will be on full display.

It is now time.

Time for Real Americans in every state, Super Tuesday state or not, to wake up, and realize NOW IS THE TIME.


To Rally:
Live in a Super Tuesday State?

Vote for Newt Gingrich on Tuesday

Tell everyone you know, “Wake Up! Its not too late.”

Drag as many people as you can to vote.

Join the Rallying cry on Facebook here – share the posts there with all your Facebook contacts now.

Don’t live in a Super Tuesday State?

Contact everyone you know who does, anyway you can – phone, Facebook, email, smoke signals, etc. Tell them “Wake Up! Now is the time.”

Join the Rallying cry on Facebook here – share the posts there with all your Facebook contacts now.

If we pull together, the media, pundits and analysts who are so sure that they know our hearts and minds – that believe they can control this election by manipulating us – they may finally realize that they are completely out of touch with America.

Super Tuesday must = Newt Gingrich

Rally today. America as we know and love it will survive.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you. As will we.

With utmost sincerity,

Your team of fellow Real Americans and Concerned Citizens at Winning Our Future and Time To Choose.

Paid for by Winning Our Future. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee


One thought on “Vote for Newt on Super Tuesday

  1. I appreciate your zeal for Newt. I think he would make an amazing president based on his fantastic record in congressional leadership in the 1990s. I think that he can rout Obama in open debate and offer the biggest distinction in the value of conservative ideals. I also think he has the best strength to craft constructive legislation in helping middle-income Americans and small business Americans create wealth and end this long-term unemployment and underemployment. Thank you.

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