Mayan Calendar Had No Leap Year

This does it for me.  No more worries.

10 thoughts on “Mayan Calendar Had No Leap Year

  1. Leap year was made up bye the illuminati, the mayans were geniuses! Were all doomed so people stop trying to save your selfs there is no hope, goodbye

  2. 85% of the known solar systems are binary systems with 2 suns. The Mayan calender could also be keeping time for an event with a minor sun. Just my opinion! The arrogance of modern man about his so called knowledge is but the knowledge of a small child. The proof of civilizations for 10’s of thousands of years is here in the dirt and under the seas. Yet, we know little of past civilizations. (only best guess & opinion) The oldest and most ancient writings tell us of cyclical events. An open mind is a beautful and wonderful thing!

  3. Yeah, I wish I knew who originally wrote that so I could kick him in the nuts for being stupid. I don’t believe 2012 is Doomsday but it is a start/finish to a Galactic cycle based on planets observed by the Mayans.

  4. the leap year in our Gregorian calendar has nothing to do with the Mayan Long Count calendar. Their calendar was based on 5000 something days with a beginning and an end date specific to the solar/lunar cycles. We (being us humans in this day and age) calculated the Mayan Long Count calendar to end on our Gregorian calendar Dec 21, 2012 which is winter solstice. – so the whole statement about leap years is insignificant.

    • You do not make any sense. If we calculated the Mayan Long Count calendar to end with our Gregorian calendar, that still does not explain the Leap Year miscalculation unless when we suggested the world will end on the Winter Solstice we already factored in leap years which would mean that it conveniently would end on the Winter Solstice.

  5. Doesn’t mean they’re not wrong this time. If they were so smart why did they throw corpses into there drinking water? Everybody just needs to chill and live life one day at a time, whatever happens on December 21st will happen.

  6. As much as I DON’T believe in the whole doomsday thing I do have to point out a MAJOR flaw in this theory. The Mayan Calender was based upon solar eclipses and lunar cycles. And so far it hasn’t been wrong…not even once.

    • Yes it has. The Mayans predicted several events that never happened, because they predicted LOTS of events. If you or I predicted something incredible would happen every single day, we’re bound to be right at least a few times.

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