Experience – Romney vs Obama


44 thoughts on “Experience – Romney vs Obama

  1. you know what….Id vote who’s the best and make my country a lot better…

    1 election—obama wins
    2 try–Romney wins
    3 try.–its a tie,,, hahaha

  2. I’m 14 years old and i think the Obama is a pretty okay president and i hope he wins but if Romney whens then he just does all the stuff he say yes we know that some of it not true some of it is. but all the stuff he is saying if he wont be able to do in 4 years we all know that. i hope Obama get re-elected but if he don’t then good for Romney and im not just saying that i want Obama to win because he is black and what most people don’t know is Obama is not black he is mixed all i have to say is good luck to the both of them!!

    • If with Obama you right like that. You should be screaming for Romney to win. You are the future and with Obama you haven’t learn how to write.

      That is what bad leaders and dictators do. They lead by providing ignorance and bad education, because an ignorant population is easier to control.

  3. Romney Is rich so he tryna make it better for rich people there are poor people in this world that need the welfare and stuff so in my opinion Romney shouldnt be voted as president

    • Are you crazy?!?!?
      The rich do not get or stay rich by helping others to be up where they are. That’s just the reality of history & the unspoken social global economics. The wealthy & powerful stay rich & empowered at the expense & sacrifice of the general impoverished masses. This is historical & global. Take time & do your research people so that you can open your eyes, open your mind & see & think clearly!!! If you don’t believe me that’s fine… just stop & reflect on anyone that’s ever tried to make a positive difference & question, what happened to them?…
      J.F. Kennedy; Martin Luther King; Malcolm X; Jesus Christ; etc…

      • You realize you don’t even know that for a fact? Obamas taking the eye off the goal… the founders of this country knew there would be rich people. Its what made america successful… when the government gets to expansive, liberty and freedom is lost. If Romney is president, we might become the once successful nation we used to be. He knows economics more than Obama does. And by the way, rich people work hard to get there money, and thanks to those people on welfare decide its okay to steal their money…

  4. Except one guy has experience running the United States of America. The other guy knows how to make money on failing businesses. Which is incomparable to running a country. The purpose of Bain capital was to make money for shareholders, not a charity group to make businesses run better.

    I feel like this argument would have been stronger 4 years ago.

    • Unfortunately, the one with experience running the United States of America, has shown his total ineptitude and lack of any relevant experience. He doesn’t even bother taking his intelligence briefings or show up each day for work. He is all fluff and is in campaign mode 24-7. It’s time for a change.

      • Nice SLAM ‘MainStreet.’ It’s obvious that similar to Romney, you’re more concerned with the sound of your own voice along with your own thoughts & feelings as opposed to the greater good of the majority of the humans on this planet. Have you ever tried running a nation?…

        Seriously, everyone is so ‘full’ of their own opinions when they don’t in fact have a clue as to the reality of this world.

        There is so much that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in terms of power & control that it’s ridiculous to be so judgmental regarding the work & dedication someone commits in surrendering their own private life in order to become the leader of a nation. Let’s take it easy, remember that Obama is after all still only a human being whom is still limited in his authority over everything & can only do so much especially with a such an immensely overwhelming ‘JOB’ such as his.
        Have you ever tried to make decisions for the benefit of the majority that will please everyone???…

        Obama is a real ‘salt-of-the-earth’, straight from the heart, courageous, insightful, considerate & intelligent gentleman. He respects his fellow humans, regardless of their colour, culture, language, religion, sex, social or economic status. He is an excellent role model for both young & old; rich & poor; educated & non-educated all alike.

        One other thing to keep in mind…
        is that like a marriage, people are not disposable & although we do not ever want to have a dictatorship; along with the importance of keeping things ‘fresh’, let’s keep in mind that it takes time, patience, kindness, consideration, understanding & much more along with a acceptance & unselfishness to truly make a successful relationship. How is it really that much different between a nation & its leader?….

        Have a GREAT Day!! 🙂

      • Are we talking about the same President? All I see is a guy that brags about killing Bin Laden and getting all of Seal Team 6 killed, telling the military rescue team in Libya to “stand down” and letting 4 Americans be killed, a President that wants to foment class warfare with his “we against them” and “fair share” rhetoric, attempting to decimate our military and our security in a more hostile world, a President with total disregard for the Constitution and the duly enacted laws of our nation and one who wants total control of our lives. Your bloviation does not jibe with the facts as many see them. Obama is ill equipped for the job and has no idea what he is doing on the economic front. His recent campaign request that his followers vote for “revenge” shows that his true colors are not nearly what you so eloquently espoused above. Have a GREAT Day!! 🙂

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