Obama’s October surprise – ATTACK on IRAN

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It looks like Obama’s campaign financing is a little slow among his normal Jewish donors.  Nothing like a good ole war supporting the Jewish state to bring them back in line.  It is a shame that something so critical to the security of the world should boil down to politics.  We can only hope that he doesn’t go in half heartily and let it blow up in his face and put our servicemen in extreme harms way.  His stupidity by waiting so long and relying on ineffective sanctions has allowed Iran to strengthen its armed forces and brought us to the brink, conveniently very close to an election in which he is behind. 

Excerpt: Looks like Obama has a HUGE October Surprise up his sleeve… an ATTACK ON IRAN – possibly in October.   

http://debka.com is reporting that high-level Saudi sources are telling visiting officials that Obama has decided that if nothing changes between now and October the U.S. will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.   

One thing we know for sure is that Obama will do anything to improve his re-election chances, and nothing works better than starting a war right before an election to get Americans on your side.  And by doing it in October, right before the election, Obama will avoid any negative blowback if things turn chaotic in the attack’s aftermath.

Obama is also using this to increase support and fund raising among Jewish Americans.  He has invited many Jewish leaders to the White House and left them with the distinct impression that he was going to attack Iran. 

The impression of an operation’s imminence was also gained by American Jewish leaders during recent visits to the White House. In the last DEBKA-Net-Weekly issue (No. 546 from June 22), we reported that President Obama has been inviting Jewish leaders to visit him in the Oval Office in an effort to stanch the loss of Jewish support and Jewish contributions draining away from his election campaign. 

Like the Saudi princes, the Jewish leaders came away with a strong sense that the president had made up his mind to attack Iran.

Read full article here.


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