Case Closed: If Moderate Voters See This Video, It’s Over for Obama


2 thoughts on “Case Closed: If Moderate Voters See This Video, It’s Over for Obama

  1. President Obama is by far the best president who has been in the White House in the last 12 years….The Affordable Healthcare Act…AKA…Obamacare…Obamneycare is the most important legislation in three and a half decades for addressing affordable and accessible healthcare to all Americans. The Republican version …I Don’t Give a Damned Care….is far less attractive. Jesus would support Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act….not the GOP’s “I Don’t Give a Damned Care. Funny thing…my taxes haven’t increased a dime since President Obama has been in office. Anyone who doesn’t vote for Barack Obama is probably…immoral…Your video was not convincing in the least.. but rather deceptive…intentionally lacking all the facts and of course…enormously biased toward the likely postion of his bitter critics. Barack Obama is the only President in the past six decades who has had a legitimate reason to apply Keynesian economics to a genuinely “desperate” economic disaster….All the others had no reason for deficit spending….especially his most immediate predecessor who inherited a budget surplus….He above them all has acted totally responsibly in righting a sinking ship….and he above all others…righteously deserves a second term.

    • Keynesian economics has never worked and it is obviously not working in Obama’s “legitimate” test and four more years will only make the situation worse. The economy is being destroyed as he worries about Romney’s tax returns and who pays for contraceptives, Anyone with a bit of common sense could see that Obamacare is about “control” not health care. If Obama was truly interested in solving the health care cost problem he would have included tort control, but that would alienate his fat cat trial lawyer contribution base. This is why Romney is going for “repeal and replace” not “I don’t give a damned care” as you put it. These problems can be resolved without putting the Federal Government in control of our health care and letting them destroy the best system in the world.

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