Obama, Who is he really? Can it all be coincidence?

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

Are there too many coincidences for them to be just a coincidence?

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2 thoughts on “Obama, Who is he really? Can it all be coincidence?

  1. I have a few things to say. First: Obama is not Muslim. Granted, his dad is Muslim and Kenyan, but nowhere will you find Obama saying he has ever worshiped the Koran. Your main man Colin Powell even stated this in a press conference. Many republicans even try to say that Obama is associated with many racial slurs made by a christian minister in Chicago, but if Obama attends a christian church, how could he possibly be Muslim? Anyway, even if president Obama is Muslim, so what? Is a Muslim president so bad? He most certainly was born in Hawaii, so what’s the problem? America is formed on diversity and the right to spiritual freedom, not discrimination and hatred towards other peoples.

    • Unfortunately, we are at war with radical Muslims, and the Quran calls the rest of us “infidels”. Obama has entertained many in the Muslim Brotherhood and even has some in his administration. He even supported them in the Egyptian uprising which is headed toward enslavement of women under Sharia law. Granted, he says he is not a Muslim, but is able to quote the Quran verbatim because of his early schooling. Since lying is OK’d by the Quran, and a tactic advanced by Saul Alinsky, one of his idols, and he has shown the propensity to lie in the debates, (see the fact checks on Monday’s debate), I have a hard time trusting him with our entire economy and the security of our Nation. Diversity and spiritual freedom, yes, blind faith in Obama’s words, no.

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