Opinion: Secular society and drugs, not guns, are reasons for increase in mass murders

Hollywood celebrities are out in force today, trying to use the tragedy in Newtown as the “crisis not to waste”, and advocating strict gun control laws. My take on the situation is two fold. One is the proliferation of drugs used to modify behavior, many of which have rare but extreme side effects. There is no evidence, as yet, that Adam Lanza was on drugs. What is true, is that the secular society, that the President and these celebrities embrace, and the class hatred espoused by our President, are changing our country and leading us away from religion and the Judeo Christian philosophy embraced by our founders.


3 thoughts on “Opinion: Secular society and drugs, not guns, are reasons for increase in mass murders

  1. Sir, you are an idiot. Europe has a population of 400 million + and a vibrant ever increasing Secular Population and similar drug problems to the USA. In 2011, gun deaths in the whole of Europe were around 1000 (one thousand). In 2011 gun deaths in USA were a little under 11000 (eleven thousand). I suggest your bigoted, homophobic,religion obsessed political system causes the social problems that lead to the criminally minded / insane to go buy a gun and take what they want and kill who they want as your constitution permits them too. Address the problem – control your guns! Simple – really. Would you happen to be a republican NRA member? Thought so!

    • Republican yes, NRA member no. Would you happen to be a Liberal Democrat who has no military service? Read an article today by a person in the UK that implored us here in the U.S. to not give up our gun rights. He stated that violent crime has risen 40% since guns were taken away. By the way, the first thing despots like Hitler, Lenin, Mao do is take the guns away from the common folk, easier to control and create mass graves that way. Also, how is that “vibrant” economy doing for you these days?

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