Retired and tired, tired of Progressive/Liberals destroying the country I so love. Where is the moral outrage so necessary to protect our freedoms?

Ohioan at heart, Former NJ/NYC Exec now retired living in SC with my lovely wife. Father of 3 grown and successful children.

Now a “Conservative issues examiner” at Examiner.com

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  1. Hello…. I really enjoyed your piece Remember the true meaning of the 4th of July posted July 2, 2009.. I was wondering if I could have your permission to republish it. I work for a financial advisor and we wanted to send a letter to 100 plus clients reminding them the true meaning of the 4th.. Thought you story was perfect! Thank you for your time! I would just need you to give me written permission and your name (For compliance)..

    • This was a piece that, I believe, came from an e-mail with no accreditation. Don’t know what this does for your compliance, but I have no problem with you using it.

  2. O-for Ohio. Why?…..Are you still an Ohioan at heart? God help us all. I stumbled on your blog this morning and thought I’d leave a comment. Take heart and keep at it.

    • Always an Ohioan at heart. Went back a couple of months ago to attend my brother’s funeral (91 years) and was shocked to see the deterioration in the northern part of Ohio. My little home town of Bucyrus, because of loss of industry is decaying rapidly and looks like they are losing hope. They were one of the red counties. Unfortunately, the major metropolitan areas went heavily for Obama.

      Nebraska and Maine have it right. Electors should be apportioned within the state. This would give more chances to really see the mood of the electorate by region.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Wish you well.

  3. The only way change of this government will come about is to vote them all out….. there should be term limitations lawyers should not be allowed to be allowed to legislate the law, don’t think that was ever intended. We need to take back our country by staying engaged and paying attention to who and what we vote for….

  4. Fellow Ohioan. This is making the rounds on the Internet as received from my daughter and also is on you site: “Free Lunch – 900 Teachers Laid Off From Los Angeles Unified School District.”
    The question is where did it originate and how truthful is it?
    Joe Mersnik Chagrin Falls, OH

    • Knowing that these programs exist and are costly, it is not a far stretch to believe the rest. The dire straits that California is in regarding their budget deficit is well known and you can go to California Watch website to see the layoff numbers for the state. I don’t know its origination but it was posted as a comment on the Huffington Post website a couple of months ago by a man using the name Broderick Crawford.

  5. Good morning,

    I checked your blog out and I like your message. I have added a link to your blog on my blog. Just wanted to let you know that. Keep up the good work. I’m from NJ but live in Ohio currently.

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