Christianity is in retreat, it’s time to fight


This is a portion of the article I wrote on  We are actually at war with Islam and the secularists and atheists.

Excerpt:  From within, the secularists and atheists have infiltrated our schools and universities, and are using their influence with liberal judges to rewrite our Constitution. Dr. Ben Carson, in his book “America the Beautiful” devotes a chapter to asking and answering the question, “Are we a Judeo-Christian nation or not”. It is obvious to all who read this that we are, and as evidenced on our currency and throughout our government, our founders were not afraid to show it.

Recent events, such as the college instructor in Florida requiring his students to trample on the word Jesus, and the Alabama elementary school banning the word Easter (Spring eggs, and Spring bunnies), is just a continuation of the contempt the secularists and atheists have shown for Christmas and Christianity.

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Benghazi mystery


This is an excerpt from my article on

Excerpt: The mystery was created by a question from Senator Rand Paul. His question was asked of Secretary Clinton, in a previous session, about the transfer of weapons to Turkey through Libya. Speculation was that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi to retrieve weapons from the Libyan rebels. Stevens met that very evening with the Turkish Consul General to discuss what? Speculation again is that these weapons were to be transferred through Turkey to rebel forces, including the Muslim Brotherhood, in Syria, Secretary Clinton successfully dodged Paul’s question leaving the true purpose of Ambassador Stevens’ presence in Benghazi a mystery. Adding to this mystery is that an estimated thirty people survived the attack on the annex. The State Department has not released their names and they have not surfaced to be interviewed by Congress or the press. Where are they and why the silence?

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