Published Letters

At 72, Why Do I Care?

Georgetown Times January 20, 2012

The Washington Times: Blame Obama, not oil companies, for gas cost

The above was also published in the Sun News Aug 15, 2011 and The Bucyrus Telegraph Forum on Aug 12, 2011

The Sun News: U.S. needs to return to its roots

Al Gore’s Real Agenda – Generation Investment Management Waccamaw Times Feb 10, 2011

Energy Independence? Not On Obama’s Watch! Waccamaw Times Feb 17, 2011

Deception And The Unseen Consequences Of “Green Jobs” Waccamaw Times Mar 10, 2011

Government Shutdown – Possible Or Not? Good Or Bad? Waccamaw Times Mar 17, 2011

Public Unions – Wisconsin Waccamaw Times Mar 24, 2011

1 thought on “Published Letters

  1. I must say I am not an American but I love the USA and appreciate the fact so many GI’s laid down their lives in defence of Europe and in particular Britain. As a Brit I am puzzled as to why one of your established political parties ie the Republicans are now controlled by strange people who hate science (strange for a country that put a man on the moon). A party led by so called christians who hate anyone who is not white, anyone who is gay and believes women victims of rape should be forced give birth if they are made pregnant. It has been proven that we evolved over millions of years and that the earth is at least 380 billion years old so why teach fairytales about creatism to children, Everytime there is a US election Europeans shake with fear that some nutcase from this once great party now gone insane might become President of the Free World. Take pity on us poor Europeans who have no vote in your still powerful country if we could vote a survey said England would be 98% Democrate. Please America stay sane we need you.

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